3/8/00: WGKA Atlanta phoned today they LOVE FI , especially

"Elegy" and "Homage" and will be putting the CD into rotation.

2/28/00: KANU Lawrence Kansas. Particularly like the French Suite, the sound of the piano is very nice.

2/24/00: "First Impressions" at WAER has gotten Light-Medium airplay on our Sunday morning New Age program over the past couple of months.

2/23/00: KHFM Albuquerque aired 2 tracks on their "Something's New" show. Kip Allen, the program director, said: "it got a great response. It's very approachable, enjoyable stuff. This is the highest rated classical station in the states.

2/15/00: KBAQ Mesa, with a weekly audience of 115,000, will start playing "May 9,

1945", "Cycles", and "Miracle at Midnight."

2/12/00: KWUR, St. Louis. We have aired Mr. Goldstein's "First Impressions" several times. "French Suite" in particular.

2/11/00: KSJN St. Paul is giving FI light play on their morning show.

2/10/00: KALW San Francisco is using FI on the "Echoes" program. "It's in light rotation right now."

2/9/00: KNPR Las Vegas: In addition to being used as background music, FI is getting "occasional play."

2/9/00: KUHF Houston gives FI light play.

2/8/00: WNIB Chicago continues to give the French Suite "light rotation".

2/7/00: WKNO Nashville is using FI in their music beds. "We really like it".

2/7/00: WWNO, New Orleans, is using FI during "Morning Edition" and "All things Considered", their highest rated shows.

9/24/99: Hearts of Space syndicated across all of PBS will feature May 9, 1945 and Miracle at Midnight this coming two weeks. Steven Hill, host.

9/19/99: WSCS New Hampshire (East Andover) , Brad Hartwell, MD, really likes the CD will start programming Daydreams and Like A Child Sept 20

9/16/99: WKNO-FM in Memphis, TN. has added FI to its rotation as well underscore for " beds" and production music..

8/12/99: KNPR Las Vegas has several programs on the air in which FI will be used as background music with Title and Artist announced.

7/27/99: Ray, Hardman,WPKT-FM Hartford CONNECTICUT has programmed "Cycles" once a week for the last 3 weeks. Their station is a conservative Classical format, but thinks that Cycles fits and continue programming this cut.

7/22/99: WJAZ Philadelphia played cuts from FI 5 times over the past two months, in Joy Woods' program slot (Mondays and Tuesdays, 9pm to 12am). And they'd like to feature it in an upcoming show.

7/19/99: Victor Hathaway WMEH Maine, Classical likes the CD and will try to include it on specialty shows and in new artist spotlights. light rotation.

7/9/99: WORT 89.9 Madison Wisconsin Classical Radio's MD Sybil Augustine listened and liked. CD will be added to the 20th Century playlist.

6/30/99: WQED. Warren Andrews MD giving light play. He says that there's a chance it will get played more if he can find the right venue. In their strict format, there's no real place in rotation between Mozart and Beethoven.

6/30/99: WWUH (Ambience), Started playing FI in the last couple of weeks. Airplay on both Classical and New Age programs, though the majority has been New Age. They plan to continue playing FI throughout the summer.

6/11/99: WCVE-FM Richmond VA. Program director Shawn Evans has added FI to the new release library this week.

6/11/99: WOI-FM Des Moines and Ames Iowa Randy Compton feels FI suits their morning show " The Music Shop", Doug Brown (PD) will add to the New Release's for DJ's this month.

6/10/99: Joe Vincenza MD at KMUW-FM Wichita has put FI in the library for airplay on the daily classical program.

6/9/99: KSJN-FM Minneapolis/St Paul have slated FI for morning play.

6/9/99: KALW San Francisco (2nd San Francisco Station). Michael Johnson MD is using FI as one of a few CD's played within their syndicated New Age program. Artists played are always announced.

6/8/99: WSIA Staten Island, NY. David Shear has put FI into medium rotation in the new age portion of their stations output. A few tracks (esp. Daydreams) are being programmed, and although it hasn't charted in the stations top 20 yet it' still getting strong exposure and feedback.

6/8/99: WKVR, Poughkeepsie, NY. Scott Raymond MD has played FI on his Sunday Morning Cafe program, he will continue to program FI on future shows.

6/8/99: WJSP Peach State Radio Network Atlanta (2nd Station in Atlanta) and across Georgia, includes these sister stations WDCO, WABR, WFCS, WACE, WSVH, WWET, WUWV, WWIO, WJWV, WWGC, WPPR. Winston King MD plans to play cuts from First Impressions on their New Release show Friday afternoon (2-4 Eastern) Selections will be Cycles, Elegy and Quietude. Level of rotation following based on the response from that program. We will Follow up.

6/3/99: CBC Radio 2 Nationally Broadcast across Canada on "Disc Drive" weekdays, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM. The host is Jurgen Gothe. It's syndicated on CBC Radio Two, contains "everything from Bach and Bartoli to Brubeck and The Beatles"...and now Goldstein. Janet Lea, executive producer.

5/29/99:Heavy play of FI on KASU-FM broadcasting from the campus of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro to Northeast Arkansas, Southeast Missouri and West Tennessee. Marty Scarbrough KASU Program Director

5/7/99: WGBH in Boston (MD Alice Abraham) Classical /playing various cuts on New Music show, also interested in including FI on Morning Pro Musica...a daily show

5/7/99: WCLV Cleveland (MD John Simna) Classical / playing Daydreams receiving light to medium airplay since April

4/22/99: KJJZ Palm Springs CA Wave format Jim Fitzgerald MD and Host playing A PARIS THING & MIRACLE AT MIDNIGHT will play more on weekly Sunday show

4/18/99: Tani Chen Show: Dreams of a New Age Time: Monday 8:00 PM Station: WMBR Radio 88.1 FM 3 Ames St Cambridge MA 02142 Phone: (617) 253-8810

4/13/99: Dick Haseman at WMNR in CT. Syndicated show in CT New Age

3/27/99: Mona Golabek has already programmed "Miracle At Midnight" from First Impressions on her Easy Listening show for Northwest Airlines for

May 1999 she will be using additional cuts. I will get a list of the some 235 stations that carry her show.

3/16/99: WBAI in New York has been playing First Impressions for the last month. He's played DAYDREAMS 3 times and is planning on playing more cuts.

3/16/99: KKGO Los Angeles, Bob Wennerston said he will start programming First Impressions shortly....its already in their computer Bob,Wennerston, KKGO, P.O. Box 250028,Los Angeles,CA,90025,310-478-5540,,

3/15/99: Chicago WNIB, Miller Peters MD will start playing The French Suite which include, A Paris Thing, Homage to Amour and Cycles Miller, Peters,WNIB-FM,1140 W.Erie,Chicago,ILL,60622-5889,312-633-9700,312-633-9710,

3/8/99: Tom, Richards, KRTS-FM, Houston, 713-921-5787

3/4/99: Atlanta WABE John Lemley Music Director:"one of the best classical CD's he's heard in a long time." 404-827-8900

3/3/99: KDFC 102.1 San Francisco Music Director Rick Malone Fresh Classics Week days 4-52 Rik,Malone,KDFC-FM,455 Market St. #2300,San Fransisco,CA,94105-2400.