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William Goldstein's Solo Piano & Vocal Vocal Music, Sacred & Otherwise

First Impressions

First Impressions.....emotionally connective impromptus of life

download First Impressions

available at: Puretracks


from William Goldstein's Solo Piano CD, First Impressions.....hear An excerpt from Daydreams

Eshet Chayil

Written in Memory of Sylvia Goldstein, the composer's mother... piano vocal, hear Eshet Chayil...See Video & hear Eshet Chayil

Ma Tovu

Written in Memory of Jay Goldstein, the composer's brother... piano vocal, hear Ma Tovu...See Video & hear Ma Tovu

Enosh Kechatzir

Written in Memory of Harry Goldstein, the composer's father... piano male choir

Shiru Shir Shalom

Written in Memory of Yitzhak Rabin, the late Prime Minister of Israel.....piano vocal, or choir & orchestra.... Hear, Shiru Shir Shalom

Eshet Chayil, and Ma Tovu are Mr. Goldstein's gifts to you, the downloads are free. The other scores are $20 each, plus $3 shipping and handling, if mailed.

You may E-mail us your order and may pay by credit card through PayPal. For all Credit Card orders there is a 5% surcharge on US orders, and a 7% surcharge on International orders. If you request that we E-mail the PDF files to you, there is no $3 shipping and handling charge.

You may also make payment in US dollars with an International Money Order or checks drawn on US banks. Please make personal checks or money orders payable to New Gold Music Ltd. Send payment to:


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