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Annotated Catalogue

Orchestral & Band

Colloquy for Solo Trombone and Symphonic Band* 1967 / rental Presser

Commissioned by The United States Army Band, premiŤred in Washington DC at the Watergate, summer of 1967. New York premiŤre took place at Carnegie Hall. Colloquy has become repertoire. It has been performed and recorded worldwide by both Jazz and Symphonic players including. Joe Alessi, New York Philharmonic, & Ron Baron, Boston Symphony. "Colloquy possibly represents the best example of contemporary writing with jazz implications in the entire trombone repertoire." Vern Kagarice, "Guide to Trombone Solos"

Colloquy for Solo Trombone and Symphony Orchestra 1992 / rental Presser

Colloquy for Solo Trombone & Piano (print version) 1967

Back into print in 2005

Celebration Overture 1776-1976* (Orch) 1975 / rental Presser

Wake Up America Overture* (Orch) 1974 / rental Presser

Commissioned by ABC TV Premiered by the Toronto Symphony in 1975.

The Night Before Christmas (Orch, Choir, Narrator) 1972 revised 2006 / rental Presser

An Inner Voice* 2000

Movement for cello & orchestra, Disney /rental arrangement

Miracle At Midnight Piano Concerto, 2001 (based on the film score written in 1997)

16 minute movement for piano and orchestra from the Disney movie

Miracle At Midnight Disney /rental

Symphonic Movement for Band 1965

Published by Samfred Music BMI (Sam Fox Pub) out of print.

Suite from Saving Grace* 1985 revised 1998

EMI rental

Two Movements from Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court*

1. Overture* 1989 New Gold Music Ltd.

2. The Balloon* 1989 New Gold Music Ltd.

To The Stars* 1986

Disney /rental

Whole Tone Fantasy, 1960-61

Student work, written composer was 18, first Orchestral work performed and conducted at age 19

Choral & Vocal Works

My Olympic Game, 1984

Words by Arthur Hamilton, SATB & Piano in print, written for the 1984 Olympics and classic enough to have a long life. New Gold Music LTD (Yale Glee Club and NBC Orchestra)

Satisfied, 1973

Love, 1973

On Christmas Morn, 1973

These three songs are for Baritone and Orchestra, (from the Rejoice Album) commissioned by the Christian Science Church, text by M.B Eddy /

I Sit And Look Out*, ca 1968

Poem by Walt Whitman, for male choir & piano, commissioned by the US Army Chorus. First published by Shawnee / Malcolm in 1971and now reverted to my co. New Gold Music Ltd. (thinking of doing a mixed choir version with orchestra)

Zochreinu L'Chayim* ca 1968

Text from the Rosh Hashanah service, for a cappella male choir, with rehearsal piano. In Hebrew and English, in the middle of the piece the choir splits and half sing in Hebrew, the other half in English; each language with it's own meter, effecting a simultaneous translation of the text.
Pub. Transcontinental Music

Chamber Works

Elana's Nocturne* 2001

Solo piano, a personal expression and homage to Chopin, Rachmaninoff

Daydreams 1999

Solo piano (an excerpt this is from the First Impressions solo piano CD.

Theme from Miracle At Midnight 1997

Solo piano /Wonderland Music

Something Whimsical* 1990

For Piano Quartet

Fantasia 1997

For Brass Quintet

Modes for Three 1963

For String Trio 1963

A Piece Of Folk Music 1963-4

For woodwind quintet

Gigue ca 1963

For Harp, 2 violins & Cello, earned a congratulations from Aaron Copland, when it was performed in his honor the same year.

Fusion Works

During the mid 70's I was part of a fusion band, The 7th Century. We combined Jazz, rock and classical.

Energies 1972

For solo trumpet, jazz band, rhythm, guitars & Strings

Fusion ca 1971

Jazz band, rhythm, guitars

*Piece appears on William Goldstein In Concert, released on ITunes and other sites worldwide August 1, 2008

Works for the Synagogue

Occasional pieces with Hebrew texts, some kept simple for amateur choirs

Eshet Chayil 2008

Written in Memory of my mother Sylvia Goldstein, who passed away in March... piano vocal

Ma Tovu 2008

Written in memory of my brother Jay who passed away suddendly in June 2008

Enosh Kechatzir 1989

Written in Memory of my father Harry Goldstein, piano & male choir /
Transcontinental Music / Might be able to get this back.

Shiru Shir Shalom_ 1995

Written in Memory of Yitzhak Rabin, the late Prime Minister of Israel days after his assassination. Piano vocal, or choir & piano

Ha Yom Harat Olom 2003

Text from the Rosh Hashanah service, for a cappella male choir, with rehearsal piano

Sh'ma Yisrael 2002

For a cappella male choir, with rehearsal piano

Me' Chalkel Chaiyim Be'Chessed 2002

SATB & piano

Y'smechu Be'mal'chut'cha 2003

Amateur choir & piano

Stage Works

Haven 2001

Written with Joe Darion (Man of La Mancha) and Jerome Coopersmith. Freedom's inspiring triumph over prejudice and bigotry. An American story that reminds us that "Freedom isn't free" Produced in Los Angeles in 2001 and waiting for Broadway to develop a taste for a serious musical.

Dancing, Dancing Good-By 1964

Full length musical, based on Josh Logan's Wisteria Tress and Checkov's Cherry Orchard. Lehman Engel had us play the score for Logan who cried. BMI produced a reading. I was 22. Script and lead sheets and recording.

The Refrigerators 1971

Produced at La Mama, NYC. Playwright: Mario Fratti, Lyrics: Ed Kleban (who also wrote lyrics for A Chorus Line) Incidental songs and music
Available, but canít speak for Mr. Fratti.

Mr. Tambo, Mr. Bones 1969

Twelve songs, libretto by Alex Panas. Produced in Washington. Won the Margo Jones Award, nominated to the Edinburgh Festival.
Available, but canít speak for Mr. Panas

The Waters Of Babylon 1967

Eleven songs for the American Premiere of John Ardenís play produced at the Washington Theater Club.

A Bullet For Billy The Kid 1964

A folk Opera, orchestrated, about an hour. First produced by CBS TV and then revised for the stage. These were my first orchestrations and they were played by an ensemble from the Philadelphia Orchestra.

A Total Sweet Success 1965

A musical based on Mark Twain's Million pound note, piano vocal score, about 45 minutes.

The Peddler 1965

The Peddler, an opera for 7 singers, and one non-singing role. First presented at the Smithsonian along with a one act by Sheldon Harnick when I was composer in residence for the US Army Band in Washington. Piano Vocal score, About 25 minutes.

Recordings are available for most of these scores upon request

copyright © 2009 william goldstein